“30 Days to Say Goodbye” gets great review from IFP!!

“30 Days to Say Goodbye” is one of many films that has caught the attention of IFP. Check out our IFP review by clicking this link FB IFP!


“IFP or the Independent Film Playoffs is the next step in the evolution of cinematic history. In making the art of film more competitive and the discovery of a true winning film less complicated 8 directors of 8 film festivals came together and agreed to have their best films compete against each other in a never before endeavor of film festival vs. film festival showdown. The IFP is unique because film festivals currently act autonomously. The IFP is a ruling committee made up of members of the Festival Authority (8 Festival Directors) who operate in sync to provide a Playoff system to determine which festival has the best film and in that attempt solicit the attention of distributors with the filmmakers of that winning films best intention at heart. Not only does this model provide a more competitive reboot to the decaying festival system but it also provides a more transparent and accessible means of decision making determined by the viewing audience.”

“The ultimate goal of the IFP is not only to celebrate good films but also to change the reputation of current film festival outcomes. We want a product that yields results. It is our goal that competing films whether they win or lose at the IFP to walk away with distribution, that’s our goal. Too many great films go to festivals and are being overlooked and lacking distribution opportunities because either they’re at the wrong time slot when industry figures visit or various other politics. Here at the IFP we want to get the distributors attention to watch the best films and at the right time so they can avoid wasting time and see exactly what they’re supposed to see.”