Karrisa Kline (Karimah Westbrook)and Chris Kline (Trey McCurley) have been happily married for 6 six years. At least that is what Karrisa thought. During a dinner party to celebrate her husbands new promotion, Karrisa’s life begins to fall apart when a secret starts to circulate among the party guests. Karrisa’s best friend Karen Stevens (Karen Malina White) vows to keep the secret from Karrisa until the end of the night at the behest of her husband Tim Stevens (Timothy D. Harris). But some secrets are just to hard to keep secret. And before the night is through, Karen spills the beans and Karrisa is left with a truth she never thought would have been her life.


Director: Massimo Bordonaro

Producer: Edward King III

Writer: Edward King III


“CAGED Official Trailer”

Year: 2016

Runtime: 17 mins

Due to Film Festival guidelines, the video is not publicly posted at this time.